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First Block

In early November 2021 we purchased 372 Morrison Road, Westonia – a biodiversity hotspot in the eastern wheatbelt:

  • 666 ha (200ha cleared and to be sensitively revegetated) next to Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve (75 km NE of Merredin) which combined represents a large area of native bush in the mainly cleared wheatbelt;
  • Granite outcrops, breakaways, Melaleuca, Mallee, Wandoo woodland;
  • Gnamma holes, creeks, regenerated areas and regrowing paddocks;
  • Threated flora: Eucalyptus caesia, Acacia ascendens, Acacia lobulata, Eremophila viscida, Leucopogon sp. Yanneymooning;
  • Threatened fauna: Malleefowl and potential for additional fauna such as Chuditch;
  • May support a range of other woodland species including Dunnarts, Western Yellow Robins, Brushtail Possums and Pink Cockatoo;
  • Publications: Hopper (1981, 2000): Honeyeaters and their Winter Food Plants on Granite Rocks in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

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