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First Block

In early November 2021 we purchased 372 Morrison Road, Westonia – a biodiversity hotspot in the eastern wheatbelt:

  • 666 ha (200ha cleared and to be sensitively revegetated) next to Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve (75 km NE of Merredin) which combined represents a large area of native bush in the mainly cleared wheatbelt;
  • Granite outcrops, breakaways, Melaleuca, Mallee, Wandoo woodland;
  • Gnamma holes, creeks, regenerated areas and regrowing paddocks;
  • Threated flora: Eucalyptus caesia, Acacia ascendens, Acacia lobulata, Eremophila viscida, Leucopogon sp. Yanneymooning;
  • Threatened fauna: Malleefowl and potential for additional fauna such as Chuditch;
  • May support a range of other woodland species including Dunnarts, Western Yellow Robins, Brushtail Possums and Pink Cockatoo;
  • Publications: Hopper (1981, 2000): Honeyeaters and their Winter Food Plants on Granite Rocks in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

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Below is some aerial drone video of a portion of our block showing some of the bush and granite and the areas previously cleared for farming, and which are going to be revegetated in 2023 by Carbon Positive Australia, who took this footage.

Click on map to view its location