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November 2021 – Purchased Our First Block
We are delighted to announce we have completed the first step in our
journey to help preserve Western Australia's unique ecology: the purchasing
of our first bush block, located in the Wheatbelt! We could not have done this
without the incredible support of everyone receiving this newsletter; thank
you for your donations and for making our goal become a reality! We would
also like to extend thanks to Gondwana Link Ltd for their continued
Large areas of native bush are rarity in the Wheatbelt, as it has undergone
widespread clearing for agriculture and is now restricted to small isolated
patches. Due to its long unburnt vegetation and the neighbouring Class A
Chidarcooping Nature Reserve the block immediately caught the eye of what
were to become the Bush Blocks Guardians (BBG). In 2019 members visited
the block and saw the diverse environment and recognised its potential as a
conservation property with rich ecological values. This drove the formation of
the BBG, beginning an almost two year journey to raise funds, purchase the
land and essentially expand Chidarcooping Nature Reserve.
After 18 months of growing the BBG and sourcing funds, the opportunity was
nearly lost when the property went under offer. Fortunately for BBG the
finances fell through, and the near loss only increased our drive to secure the
land. After additonal donations from supporters like yourselves and the
committee further increasing our donations, we finally secured the block on
the 19th November 2021! Now the conservation efforts at the block can begin!