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The Bush Blocks Guardians Inc. (BBG) is an incorporated association and not-for-profit conservation group focused on the preservation of Western Australia’s unique biological and cultural heritage, especially the Wheatbelt.

We are about to buy a 666ha farm, one third cropped, one third regrowth and one third bush – within a biodiversity hotspot in WA’s eastern wheatbelt with very high conservation values.

  • Threated flora: Eucalyptus caesia, Acacia ascendens, Acacia lobulata Eremophila viscida, Leucopogon sp. Yanneymooning;
  • Threatened fauna: Malleefowl, and a range of woodland species including Dunnarts, Western Yellow Robins and Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo and potential for additional fauna such as Chuditch and Brushtail Possums.

You can help us by donating to assist with the purchase and it ongoing maintenance costs.  Donations can also be tax deductible.

Read about the first property we are purchasing in November 2021 here
We need additional money to effect the purchase and ongoing costs so please consider helping with a donation.


About 95% of the WA Wheatbelt has been cleared for farming, with most of the uncleared areas being non-cultivable granite outcrops with some of these are preserved in small nature reserves. There are no national parks here. We aim to reverse the situation and strategically buy both uncleared and cleared land with the aim to rehabilitate and reintroduce missing flora and fauna. Read more about why and how here.

Inspecting a malleefowl nest


The objectives of BBG are to buy and manage land in WA, initially in the Wheatbelt, to conserve and restore the natural environment. We aim to use any land acquired to increase the awareness and enjoyment of the natural environment and its rich cultural history, to foster scientific research, and to enhance and promote indigenous knowledge and management techniques. Read more about why and how here.